Thursday, February 17, 2011

And so, our story begins...

For quite a few years, I have been tossing around the idea of a community service project that would promote literacy in little-little kids.  When I was attending Santa Monica College, I was involved in a pilot service project in conjunction with students from the University of Southern California.  While that project was based in the promotion of journalism, I could see the basis for many other service ideas that would help youth in need.  Bun-Bun's Book Club is a culmination of those ideas.

And, here we are.  I'm laying the foundation and I'm already thinking about how many stories high this building will be.  I've yet to make plans for the roof.  I'm not sure it needs one.

"Bun-Bun" is the adoption of my daughter's childhood nickname.  This character is actually currently in development as the main character in my children's book series.  Images yet to come.  Bun-Bun is a bright red lady bug.  She is a beautiful soul out to explore this amazing world.  She is full of curiousity and adventure.  Won't you come along?

Bun-Bun 1993

And so, our story begins...